Sunday, March 15, 2020

Aesthetic Tinder Profile Essay Example

Aesthetic Tinder Profile Essay Example Aesthetic Tinder Profile Paper Aesthetic Tinder Profile Paper Tinder profile Unless you live under a rock, then you probably know what Tinder is and if not, will enrich your mind. Tinder is a groundbreaking phone application that has taken the online-dating scene by storm, due to its simplistic matching system; if you like ones profile and they just so happen to like yours too you have a match! However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Unless you set your profile up in an appealing manner, you are heading down a one-way street tit no mutual likes. So now you are probably screaming to yourself, How do make my profile appealing! worry no longer ,because am about to show you. There is not much you need material wise for an aesthetic profile; you will only need a smart phone with tinder downloaded. The first step is hands down the most important, post pictures where you look desirable. Make sure to have a minimum of three pictures to remove any doubt that the viewer might have about your looks. If you are struggling at finding a photogenic picture of yourself, take one! Please, cannot stress this enough, do not, I repeat, do not, take duck face or bathroom-mirror selfish. Most men or women are not attracted to ducks or reflections, do not be a goof. Moving along, you are now going to seal the deal with your profile text. Since Tinder is fast- paced application, describe yourself in words, no one is trying to read an essay! Most importantly, everything you are going to say should be embellished.

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