Friday, December 13, 2019

Application of project management skills Free Essays

Management of any project requires the management and leadership skills for it to be successful. Projects are initiated to solve a specific problem which has been identified and they exist within a limited time frame. Most of the time, projects have to operate under the constraints of a limited budget and resources so they have to be completed to address the problems they were designed for. We will write a custom essay sample on Application of project management skills or any similar topic only for you Order Now   People initiate and implement projects and a lot of team work and good leadership is needed for their completion. When one works in an organization, there will always be a manager who is in charge to see that the goals and objectives of the organization are achieved. Managers, who are accountable to the owners, have to ensure that the objectives are fulfilled within a limited time and budget. Team work is very vital at work places and different individuals have to work harmoniously to achieve the goals and objectives similar to execution of projects (Landes, 2007). If anyone is in management at work they need to apply different types of leadership to address different problems that face the organization. It is crucial for the manager to have a good knowledge of the organization as it helps him in dealing with challenges that face it daily.   Managers provide leadership which concerns itself with influencing people in places of work to achieve certain things that are vital for the success of the organization. Problems that need to be solved daily in places of work are like projects since they require unique solutions which have to be executed within a span of time (Landes, 2007). When an organization comes up with its objectives and goals aimed at improving or boosting its performance specific tasks are distributed among the employees. Management in a places of work concerns it self with drafting a budget that is strictly followed to ensure its success.   Every task that is delegated to an employee has a strict deadline that must be observed. Management skills are very crucial in places of work as they ensure that the organization runs smoothly and there is no conflict. Like in projects people play a vital role in the achievement of all the goals and objectives of the organization. A lot of challenges are experienced when trying to manage people at work places and the relationship of those in the helm of leadership in an organization and the led is a key determinant of its failure or success. Leadership in places of work can motivate workers to achieve the goals that have been laid out within a limited span of time and within a certain budget. Management in places of work concerns itself with management of people, ensuring customers are satisfied, working with colleagues, and ensuring the creation of environments that are conducive for workers to give an excellent performance in the confines of a budget and on limited time superseding the expectations of stake holders (Landes, 2007). The applications of this module are very relevant in any place of work. There are many aspects in work places that need intensive attentions and a lot of planning to optimize the performance and the project management skills can be utilized in such instances. The management and leadership skills that see the completion of projects to satisfactory levels come in handy in work life when applied at all levels. People are vital in both work places and projects and they can lead to success or failure of either. Bibliography Landes, C. 2007, Project management skills in startups, retrieved on April 1, 2009, from How to cite Application of project management skills, Essays

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